So, I figured since we just got robbed a week or so ago, I’d post a pleasant blog with fun-pretty pictures. Eat ’em up bitches.

Some of what you’ll see here, Paul Vasey reading from his new book. The reading was quiet, still, and extremely enjoyable.

Roger Marin gave us the countiest rock and roll I’ve ever seen. For a guy who plays pedal-steel for Fred Eaglesmith, he was nice enough to play our lowly place and give us a taste of his guitarist on his left, a REAL punk rocker turned alt/country star.

Mr. Potato Head circa. 1940 came by for a visit and smoked a little pipe with the Chief himself, Lonesome Lefty.

Lenni Jabour came through with the 1920’s bathing suit on stage, singing Trogdor songs ( and being a genuine treat to all Phoggers.

Ben Cyllus (green shirt) came from Detroit to be on Ron Leary’s radio show, and since we didn’t have an opener for Danton Jay and Liz Beattie, they played an early set that was a crazy reminder of Ron and Dean Drouillard. Listen for their CD at Phog on the stereo.

Richelle decided to don a black-tooth while wearing my brother’s paper-hockey-helmet invention. I think she should work the coat-check at Boom Boom Room wearing it.

Darren tried to ruin a photo I was taking of his beer foaming over the top of the bottle. He decided to “blow” the foam while I was clicking away, and he wound up giving me a picture of a post-bottle-blowjob result that looks like he brought the Lowenbrau to a CLIMAX! Nice job Darren.

The Perpetrators (dude in black cowboy shirt) from Winnipeg were a blues band that KILLED everyone at Phog the Saturday night they played. It was one of the most incredible bands we’ve ever had. Unfortunately, we were robbed that night. The Perpetrators of the crime haven;t been caught yet, but when they are, I will choke them until they are as purple and desperate as Marissa’s purse (another photo in this post).

Keep your eyes on the blog, as there will be more to see.

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2 Responses to Photomania

  1. OH MY FUCKING GODI love you.

  2. ivana says:

    I appreciated this post.more photomanias!?

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