Local Monsters

We have had one of the stongest, most enjoyable months so far with loads of local stuff happening at Phog almost every day. We have an incredible September booked, with a huge surprise at the end of the month, that you’ll want to save you pennies for.

To kinda let the cat out of the bag, we are holding a three (?) day event in September. It will be wrought with our favourite out-of-town bands (who can make it), some new interests, and our favourite locals making their appearances.

To add some more mystery, there will be 4 bands per night for three straight nights…and it will be happening simultaneously at two venues!

Yes, eight bands per night…between two venues, which are oh so close to one another.
Tickets will be on sale soon, along with titles of all the people on the bills…and you will not be disappointed.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Onto life at Phog: Observe a mess…

This pile of broken photocopiers and more was left by our building overnight by our wonderful neighbours…which was then scooped by junk-men (and junk-women maybe) so this is just a taste of the garbage heap I found. You gotta love Windsor neighbours….way to take care of your shit!
If you look at the side of our building now, there’s a bum-luring couch (thanks a ton) and some random broken wood. Love your trash Capitol…

I don’t know how, but Frank got Juliana to clean the men’s room!!

I walked in to do “some business” and there she was, in her garbage bag frock, hair up, trying to pretend she was somewhere less disgusting (which would NOT be the ladies room, because women are pigs in public bathrooms). I love this shot!

Golden Boys

The Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band and the Spirits have been sounding like kings lately, with all their practicing happening. Whatever the line-up may be, these guys soud better and better every time I hear them. Look for them in September…they’re gems.

Adam Fox loves art

You can make of this whatever you wish…
Thanks for the laughs…


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2 Responses to Local Monsters

  1. Just wanted to say I loved the Magnificent 7 show last night. My first time back to your location since the Eclectic closed down. Frank was very kind and I look forward to returning soon. I posted a little video clip of the band playing on my site at http://voiceofwindsor.org if anyone wants to look. It’s just a low quality flash video though.

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