Enjoy it while it’s here…

I feel the need to inform Phog-goers, the few of you who read this, about the change in scheduling (in general) for entertainment.
We have, for three years, done our best to bring the best product to the stage here at Phog, and we intend to tweak that tradition a little, while keeping the value high.
This month of November will be over-run with bands the first couple of weeks. It seems that we have said yes to too many bands, too many performers, without the vigor and excitement for these bands from all of the independant music fans.

So many shows, so few patrons. We hoped for, expected, assumed that if we brought the bands, the show-going public would come.
What has happened, is that we have gotten a clearer picture of how many customers we indeed have, and how difficult it is to light a fire under the rear-ends of music lovers.
Maybe it’s because we have too much to choose from. Maybe we over-supplied our lovely patrons with musicians.
No matter what the reason, we do not have the ability, or the heart, to keep bringing in bands from across Canada with the frequency we now do, thanks to less-than-stellar attendance.

We intend to deliver high quality bands and performers on fewer nights.
No more 6 shows per week. No more 5 shows per week. Stronger acts, less of the time, yet still often.

In the meantime, we are going to do our best to grow our audience, as we think there are many people within our 210,000-population-city who can help us do better than 20 people at a show.

Unique partnerships with arts groups and other venues may be the answer. We’ll see.
We look forward to this opportunity to invigorate the local music scene even more than we have already.

As always, we are welcome to the suggestions of others in regards to growing this community beyond the walls of Phog and other arts-related businesses.
With the talent we have access to, we want to eliminate the reason for our shows not being better attended on a regular basis.

Keep your eyes peeled for a strong November line-up. Will you be there? We don’t know…but you might want to try to enjoy an event-jammed month before the frequncy of shows is tailored.

Thanks to everyone.

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5 Responses to Enjoy it while it’s here…

  1. Anonymous says:

    So you overbook your bar, and now its the fault of your patrons. I hope for your sake that this petty attempt at guilt tripping your clients gets seen as much as a band on a tuesday night. It isnt too much of a stretch to consider that it is Phog that should be held accountable to all the bands that have come thru to play a gig on a tuesday or wednesday only to get the old, “its usually busier in here” or some other excuse to get them to set up and perform. With that being said it cannot be denied that Phog is going the extra mile to bring these bands into the area, bands that would usually choose london or another venue on the way to Toronto… So a balance is one thing, sure its easy to see people not walking into a place like Phog for $3 a night, its just how people are. Cover is a luxury of a good band, not everyday schmucks or up and comers. The problem is not that there is music everynight the problem is that there was cover and music everynight of the week, and it has essentially cut off the people who used to attend Phog for the ability to sit and drink and talk or meet up. The essence of this is that the problem with this statement or blog or whatever you want to call it, is that it puts the onus on the patron.. Last time I checked there are other bars in windsor, other bars with music… We know phog isnt going to stop with music all together and it will be kind of nice to be able to have some more quiet nights. I guess either way if people are in your bar, you are making money… Maybe Phog should offer the bands cover free? ? ? Maybe the “show-going public” would go more often. Unfortunately you take for granted the customers that keep you afloat and little comments on little Blogs go a long way to bother certain people. I doubt I will stop going into Phog, its a great place with great people. A community that brings together many facets of the community, unfortunately it has become nothing more than a cash grab band hole, and cut its ties with the people that made it what it was. I will be interested to see if the management of Phog will take any accountability for the failure of people to show up to nightly shows or if the same old line comes out that they are just providing a service… You provide a place to go and drink, but never forget who pays the bills… Dont take your customers for granted, thats how good things fail.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love what is going on at Phog and have attended a few shows.I would like to attend more, but since I work most days, a show which starts at 10:30, or even later in some cases, does not allow for enough sleep.Do others feel that if shows started and ended earlier, that attendance would increase?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please keep your site updated so that we know who is coming when.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with anonymous at 5.56 P.M. If shows stared earlier say 9.00 9:30 and actually at the time there supposed to I’d show up.

  5. I can sort of agree about the first comment in a way. When it used to be the Eclectic that’s why I went there so much since I can’t remember a band ever playing there, so I could always walk in around midnight after getting off work and write in my journal or read till 3am. Since you have so many bands playing it actually keeps me from attending Phog more often since I can’t afford to pay to see them all the time. I’d just like to come in and have a tea for a while. That being said, it’s still been great to see so many bands there, but even I find it hard to keep up.

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