Windsor Live Music: The Dudes, Lindy, and Golden Lake Diner Were Magic!

It’s one of those things that you plan, and plan, and plan…hoping nothing goes wrong.
I have had plenty of shows blow up in my face on account that people don’t show, or that the response is less than hoped for…but this Saturday that just swung by was maybe my most enjoyed show that I have ever been a part of.

It rivaled the P.A. Festival. Maybe because the stress was nowhere NEAR the stress I felt at P.A.
I was beside myself with anticipation of seeing The Dudes and Lindy in the same night.

Trying to book The Dudes, was unreal. The band had changed labels, and here I was, e-mailing the wrong label for over two years and not getting a response. Not even a, “Fuck off, they aren’t on our label anymore,” message.

It began when they pulled up to unload their gear. I gave them a synopsis of my excitement to have them at Phog, and how hard it was to find them, and as I was finishing this story, we heard a shout.
It was a big-girl-shout coming from the window of an approaching Jeep Cherokee (’95). “It’s my birthday, Wooooo-hoooooo!!” said a girl wearing a tiara. I did what most Windsorites do when that happens, I shook my head. The Dudes standing next to me all yelled “Wooo-hooo!” back and one added, “Happy Birthday Chubby!” and I knew what kind of a night I was in for. That moment was the litmus test for the kind of awesomeness that was to follow.

Golden Lake Diner (pared down duo) was an excellent set-up band, sure to return with the rest of their members one day. They even gave out prizes to people who could answer 80’s trivia.

On to Lindy, who was exhausted, having been interviewed for a new national TV show called, “Another Crappy Late Night Canadian Show” or something like that…which will air after Saturday Night Live on CTV (I think) in the future. He was beat. He had a shot of tequila and it was on like Donkey Kong. In the style only Lindy can muster, he entertained almost 20 friends who were attending the show after a speaking engagement in the city, plus a capacity crowd who were hanging on every note.

Lindy, a giant Icelandic-Canadian man that I love, was super-incredible as a solo performer.
The man is unreal.

And then…after a quick chage-over we received The Dudes. It was everything I could have ever imagined and hoped for…and more. The music was new because I had only heard the 3 songs I had on their sampler disc, and it was as infectious as the stuff I had heard 300 times.
The band members were top-notch people who were cheered to and danced to, and praised, and begged for autographs, and ultimately one of the best bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting.

Great senses of humour, great musical talent, and truly appreciative guys…this is what I dealt with on Saturday night. Every performer was magic.

I cannot wait until The Dudes pull up anchor and leave Calgary again to come out east.
By the way, if you feel compelled, e-mail Lindy to let him know how cool it is that he got to soundtrack the new national Chevy commercial posted below.

Thanks to all who came out and believed me when I told them how incredible the show would be.
Lots of new, strangers faces too. Nice to see.

Also, here’s some videos of The Dudes I found. Amazing!

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4 Responses to Windsor Live Music: The Dudes, Lindy, and Golden Lake Diner Were Magic!

  1. BBS says:

    Fantastic show and great beer. What more could you ask for!

  2. mostlyfree says:

    Great show! I was already a Lindy addict and therefore could go on and on about his awesomeness, but the Dudes were amazing, too. I’ve been enjoying the combinationMost entertaining and enjoyable show I’ve been to at Phog – which is saying something. I buy more CDs in your bar than anywhere else!’Course, you’ll always get me in there when you bring in Lindy. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    nice job Tom, wish I could have been there…

  4. Mike says:

    The show was absolutely awesome! Great lineup choice and follow-up post 🙂

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