Windsor Live Music: Museum Pieces (Halifax) wsg Yellow Wood playing Phog Tuesday May 29th

These guys were completely unbelievable during their last visit. Just nuts.
Museum Pieces is so damn good, and they have videos, reviews, and tunes to prove it.
They will be playing with Yellow Wood, who we all love to see, always.

There are a couple of videos in this post, and quite frankly, they are so solid, it stings!
Youth Club is so simple that it complicates their music. And It Keeps Me Up is such a solid song, that the video has no way of losing!
Don’t you agree?

Museum Pieces – Youth Club

This Halifax band will roll into Windsor on the evening of Tuesday May 29th, and they will inevitably be another band who leaves town, casting a wake of, “You really missed an incredible show,” comments.

Museum Pieces – It Keeps Me Up

They will please your senses. Your ears at least. Listen to their samples, and you be the judge.
FYI, the new music on their website, is stuff I’ve never heard, and as I write this, I cannot stop replaying it over and over. It is stellar. Maybe it’s my mood, but I’m thinking it’s just really good.

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1 Response to Windsor Live Music: Museum Pieces (Halifax) wsg Yellow Wood playing Phog Tuesday May 29th

  1. Dan Misener says:

    The Museum Pieces are really fantastic. I used to play The Grain Sales of 1840 all the time on my show at CKDU, and I finally picked up Philadelphia this past week.You’re all very lucky.

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