Know Your P.A. – The Doers (Vancouver) – September 29th @ Phog


“The Doers are try-hards. A message for the Doers: do not attempt to incorporate
a jellybelly assortment of rock, pop, and jazz unless you have a bit more musical
training. And you’re not cool just because you managed to cram 18 tracks on an
album. Quality over quantity, guys. After about 15 seconds in, I felt like slamming
my iPod onto the dirty Fulcrum floor. The best way to describe this band is Cake
on crack. You have been warned.”
From Exclaim Magazine:
Picture two gals and two guys who possess no shortage of energy and ambition, channelling the changes and intensities of Minutemen, Talking Heads and Mission of Burma into predominantly acoustic sing-song arrangements and you’ve got an idea of what Vancouver’s the Doers are all about. Whatcha Doin’? is the latest in the band’s speedy release schedule (they already have two EPs and a full-length under their belts) and it’s easily their most accomplished effort to date. Spaciously produced without sounding too clean or polished, Whatcha Doin’? presents the Doers in all their promising glory: fast-paced stop-start-filled tunes rush along with glee, bumping over vases and pedestals and laughing as they fall. To add further context, the Doers have a lot aesthetically in common with the ramshackle Blocks Recording Club and Ninja High School kids who are currently carrying a large portion of Toronto’s indie scene in their torn, proud pockets. The Doers seem to have no shortage of ideas for songs, either, as there are 19 filling out this album, and they’re all pretty dang good.”

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