P.A. Music Festival Tickets ON SALE NOW!

Get your tickets to P.A. now at Phog or The Avalon Front.
The tickets are $15 per day.
$30 for both days for all of you math wizards out there.
Or “nearly free” to someone in Toronto or Montreal.

The ticket will get you into both venues…according to capacity.
Your ticket is good for both venues, but if you show up to one of them, and it’s full, you are guaranteed to get into the other venue. Your ticket DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU ENTRY INTO ANY VENUE, it “guarantees” you entry into ONE of the venues.
We are only selling the number of tickets that our capacities allows…so anyone who buys a ticket will not be left out of a show…although the seating is first come first serve.
If you play the cards right, you SHOULD be able to criss-cross back and forth between buildings to see what’s going on at any given time.

So, if you MUST see a performer in one of the buildings, you will have to be there before everyone else who wants to be there. When a venue is full, it is full, your place is being held at the OTHER venue.

The point of P.A. is to deliver quality music to you at two venues, who have come together in the best interest of the show goers. We WANT you to move around between venues. We don’t necessarily want you to camp out in a venue just to see the headliner. We want you to experience all that P.A. has to offer…so if you find yourself outside of a venue that has already filled up, know that there is an equally startling performance happening down the road, and that you are guaranteed to get in.

So buy your tickets soon, as they have already begun to sell well.

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