One More Time…

P.A. Music Festival

Friday September 28th,2007
————– The Avalon Front ————–
Colin Munroe (Toronto)
The Spades (Peterborough)
The Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band & The Spirits (Windsor)
The Golden Dogs (Toronto)

————– Phog Lounge ————–
Adam Fox (Windsor) 9pm
The Pack (Vancouver) 10pm
Young Rival (Hamilton) 11pm
The Mark Inside (Toronto) 12am
Holy Fuck (Toronto)1am

Saturday September 29th, 2007
————– The Avalon Front ————-

The Locusts Have No King (Windsor)
Peter Elkas (Toronto)
Fjord Rowboat (Toronto)
The Most Serene Republic (Toronto)

————– Phog Lounge ————–
Five Blank Pages (Brampton) 9pm
The Helsinki Go (Windsor) 10pm
Yellow Wood (Windsor) 11pm
Bend Sinister (Vancouver) 12am
The Doers (Vancouver) 1am

Holy Fuck Video

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