Windsor Live Music: The Details (Winnipeg) wsg Michou and Leighton Bain

The Details from Winnipeg arte playing Phog Tuesday October 2nd!

They play with Michou and Leighton Bain, who are a nice addition and compliment to the music of The Details.

What do they sound like?
According to their website,”driving guitars, catchy melodies, soaring harmonies with keyboards, electronic programming, glockenspiel, ebows & capos all wrapped up in three and a half minute pop songs.”

Who are they?
According to their website, “Since forming at the end of 2005, Winnipeg’s The Details have hardly gone a day without seeing each other. The Details have quickly established themselves as a hard-working band by releasing their E.P. “Marching Sound” in November 2006 and are set to release their full-length “Draw a Distance. Draw a Border.” in September 2007. The Details, not content to sit around, have played at the 2006 Western Canadian Music Awards, Canadian Music Week 2007, New Music West 2007, and North By Northeast 2007. Much Music also graced the streets of Winnipeg in May and conducted an interview with The Details which recently aired nationally in June. Having traveled the snowy highways of Canada on two winter tours, The Details spent July traveling from Vancouver to Halifax, and are now looking forward to doing it all again in October.”

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1 Response to Windsor Live Music: The Details (Winnipeg) wsg Michou and Leighton Bain

  1. kesrock says:

    thank you a million for supporting f.a.r.m. the halloween show is just a couple of days away. we’re super stoked!!!-kenn

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