Windsor Live Music: Thursday October 18th___Mobil (of Misinformants) – Dubphonics – Hip Hop – Detroit & (WH)Y.M.E.(??) & Perilelle feat. Sally Zori

OCTOBER 18th – Detroit vs. Windsor

Coming from nearby Eastern Market, Mobil is performing live, giving the audience a taste of what’s on his new mixtape Da Zone, a compilation of his best work to date featuring seasoned producers and emcees from the Metro-Detroit area. Ranging from subtly psychedelic to fluid vocal rhythms over both relaxed and punchy beats, Da Zone pumps out track after track of catchy rhymes. Button Pushin’ ft. Intricate Dialect drops a warm crunch-thump beneath Mobil’s personal and political lyrical flow. He makes a strong case for the flexibility of the genre: if you’re interested in new sounds and styles, come and check out Mobil’s fresh perspective on indie hip hop.
Last month at the Avalon, Mobil and Lordru spat Lost Love with Perilelle experimenting on the mic. Percussionist Sally Zori tore it up with her on the conga’s afterward, bringing a worldly texture to the heavy bass of Perilelle’s self-produced trip hop. Together once again, this enchanting duo will consume you with unique and sultry sounds reminiscent of early Esthero and Portishead.
and The Dubphonics are consciously pushing the emcee evolution. Since 2000 MC champ SubverseMeel Tickit have been wrapping tight lyrics around DJ Claymore’s precise cuts and chops. The Dubphonics are passionate indie artists to support and keep an ear on: they’ve shared the stage with Souls of Mischief, Phife Dawg, Kool Keith and DJ Premier, to name a few. “We make hip hop to honour our influences… but we never lose sight of the innovative spirit that drove our influences to such creative peaks.” – Subverse
This summer’s releases of their mixtape You Look Ready and the full-length Viola Liuzzo on Rare Phorm Records are outstanding productions of intelligent vocal presence, adding an undeniably heavy counterweight to the mainstream’s self-inflated lyrics about money and fame.
(wh)y.m.e.(??) opened for the Dubphonics at the DEMF after party at Milk last May, so a reunion is in order. Harvesting the F.A.M. Festival’s creator and coordinator always delivers intricate house-inspired beats and will be opening the show. Watch out for a comic book release and all the fun F.A.M. parties that this young artistic philanthropist will be throwing down.

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