Windsor Live Music: Biggest Music Week in Phog’s History?

Above: Mohawk Lodge

One would have to ask this question when seeing the line-up for this week.
“Is this the Biggest Music Week in Phog’s History?”

Starting in November, shows will only be on Friday and Saturday with VERY FEW exceptions.
So, as many shows that are upcoming, there will be far fewer chances to see live music in two weeks. Sure, the shows in November and onward will be awesome line-ups, but they will happen only two nights per week.
Above: Craig Cardiff
Sunday, find us hosting some shockingly talented fellas, two of which have played Phog before, and one of which has only played two songs on an open mic night while passing through…
Craig Cardiff (Wakefield, PQ sitting in on some songs) will be playing with the amazing Pat Robitaille (with Kelly Hoppe) and Christian Masotti (as The Phonogarde).
Above: Pat Robitaille
When Cardiff played that open mic, so many months ago, the room, bloated with customers, calmed to a hush. No one made a sound as he played, as his voice demanded silence. He is unreal!
Scout Niblett is going to destroy on Monday October 22nd.
You just don’t know it yet.
If you don’t know who she is, find out while there’s still time.
She toured with CAT POWER for Christ’s sake! In fact, there are unavoidable similarities between the two of them.
So far as I can tell, the Portland, Oregonian has 10 albums to her name, 4 full length and 6 others…I think. Holy crapola, people…this woman has credentials!
It is rare that we get a treat like this.

What a Tuesday!
Tuesday October 23rd is when Construction and Destruction (Halifax) roll through with Baby Eagle (of The Constantines) and Shotgun Jimmie (of Shotgun and Jaybird).
This show alone, is a gargantuan amount of talent in one night. When David Trenaman used to come and play, he played under his own name, but now with his wife…they go by Construction and Destruction, and the new CD is marvelous. I cannot wait to hear them!
Above: Shotgun Jimmie taking aim
Above: Baby Eagle

Above: Construction and Destruction

And on Thursday, the bands responsible for the two CDs I’ve been playing tirelessly for months are coming. Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) and Octoberman (Vancouver) are coming as part of a CBC Radio 3 sponsored tour.

Above: Octoberman

Remember folks, take advantage of Rocktober!! Starting in November, shows will only be on Friday and Saturday with VERY FEW exceptions.

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