Windsor Live Music: Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) wsg Octoberman (Vancouver) play Phog Thursday October 24th

On Thursday, the bands responsible for the two CDs I’ve been playing tirelessly for months are coming.
Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) and Octoberman (Vancouver) are coming as part of a CBC Radio 3 sponsored tour.
This night is going to be extremely fun…
They have been featured on Radio 3 recently, recounting experiences on the road, and this show will hopefully be made one to remember thanks to the attendance of those reading this.
Trust me, as I’ve said before, this will be a gem.

Story about the tour, from the CBC Radio 3 blog at
By Jennifer Van Evra

Mohawk Lodge Prepares For Marathon Tour With Octoberman

Posted by Jennifer Van Evra on Oct 04, 2007

Cross-country tours are usually full of really bad food, too much booze, and not nearly enough sleep. But when the members of Mohawk Lodge hit the road with Octoberman for their CBC Radio 3 tour, they might just end up getting in shape.

“I told the band we’re doing push-ups and sit-ups every second day, and everybody seemed in. So we’ll see how far we get,” says Mohawk Lodge singer and guitarist Ryder Havdale, who regularly does two sets of 60 push-ups and two sets of 100 ab crunches. “But I also work out a lot of beer cans. So it sort of balances out.”

It’s a good thing the band has been training, because they’re about to run a musical marathon: from tomorrow until October 25, they’re playing every single day – and on some days, they’re playing twice. But Havdale isn’t complaining.

“You actually feel like you’re a musician on the road, because you’re living for the music,” he says from the world headquarters for his label, White Whale — his Vancouver bachelor apartment. “Most people spend eight hours a day at some job, and maybe practice for an hour a day. On tour, it suddenly becomes a job rather than a hobby. So for a month, we’re doing what we love.”

The band is cruising across the country in their freshly acquired 1990 Dodge Ram Cruiser, which comes complete with a decent stereo, swivel seats and a bed. So far, they haven’t decided on a name.

“Actually, our licence plate is CXM 696, so we were thinking about calling it the sex machine,” says Havdale with a laugh. “And it’s pretty close to you-know-who’s number, so it’s good in many ways.”

Members of Mohawk Lodge and Octoberman have promised that between push-ups and swiveling around in the new van seats, they’re going to send us regular blog posts from the road – Havdale says they might even record their daily jogs – so make sure to check back regularly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just found this from the Octoberman show:“Holy fuck!”

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