Keep The Heat Charity Event Friday @ Phog!

Can you even begin to imagine having your power shut off during the Windsor winter?
I know that I cannot begin to suggest that I know that kind of discomfort.

The event being held tonight, Friday, at Phog Lounge is a charity event called Keep The Heat.
The money being brought in at the door will be going to the charity of the same name, Keep The Heat.

While complaining about my personal inactivity in the community with Ewan, a fantastic, enthusiastic, buoyant, and encouraging person I’m happy to have met through the business of bartending, he suggested action.

Ewan knew of a group that helped keep the heat on in houses of people who have fallen on hardship for one reason or another. This heat being more than just sustaining a family’s health, but also their spirit.

So, tonight, when you see the cover charge at the door, you should know two things.
First, the money is going to the charity.
Second, the selfless people playing the evening are to be praised as MAJOR contributors to this cause, as they are playing for the cause itself.

The musicians we were able to collect makes me more than happy, knowing how incredible they are on our stage.
Ryan Fields, Tara Watts, and DUSTY! Dusty, who has really only had the opportunity to play on Open Mic Nights, will be unleashed, and will also likely be collaborating with Tara Watts on a few tunes.

Wicked show.
Be there, and know the money is going somewhere great.

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