Windsor Live Music: Phog: Thursday to Saturday

It’ll be gone in a flash!This three day supply of entertainment is really too much.
It feels like a little bit of P.A. Fest, on a slightly smaller scale…
Andrew Penner of Sunparlour Players

Thursday night we have Sunparlour Players for gawd’s sake! They are playing with Al Penner and Greg Cox, who are phenomenally gifted guitar geniuses who are supposedly playing some kind of dirty blues. I cannot wait to see this!
Citywide Vaccum: all in white.

Friday night is too much. Shotgun Jimmie, who has been here in his band with Julie Doiron (Shotgun and Jaybird) and playing solo with Construction and Destruction, is one of my favourite solo/singer/songwriters. He is fun, funny, and humble in a way that makes you laugh WITH him at some of his lyrics. He was simply in the area, and wanted to play with whoever was on the bill already. Who’s he playing with?
Shotgun Jimmie shooting an arrow.

Well, Square Root of Margaret (Chatham) for starters and Citywide Vacuum! This may be the nuttiest collection of musicians I’ve ever seen. They are fun, wacky, and marvelous in their own ways. They also will have the most extravagant set-ups and take-downs ever. Ever.
Square Root of Margaret “projecting” mind-altering tunes.
The High Strung

And Saturday. Holy sweet hell.
The High Strung from Detroit return.
Let me put this into perspective.
They might be the best band I’ve ever booked. They are so charged, and energetic, it is nuts.
The music, high-end, pure rock and roll with bits of The Kinks, Guided By Voices, upbeat Beatles, mixed with some 70’s rock guitar solos here and there. They are simply stunning, and if I was to recommend a band to see all month, it is The High Strung. They don’t come to Windsor very often…usually once per year, twice at best.
Seriously, come see the best-kept musical secret in Detroit before they get too huge to play Phog.

3 photos Above: The High Strung in various stages of play.

I had to include this drawing of Shotgun Jimmie done by Chad VanGaalen.

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