Windsor Live Music: The Summerlad (Calgary) and Shawn Ladd and The Wall of Bees Tuesday June 10th

I’ll make this easy to understand. You know I don’t like to book on off-nights.
This show I could not pass up if I wanted to, as The Summerlad have been here once, and that was years ago. They are an experimental/alternative/indie/rock band who destroyed when they played Phog last. I have been waiting for this for a long time. At times, when they get going, I am unable to get Yo La Tengo out of my head. There are similarities at times, for sure.

My memory of their last gig was, during the last song, the drummer took his entire kit apart while the guitars were blazing in a wall of sound, (a double-neck custom guitar to boot) and quietly set his cymbals up at the edge of the stage. As the song began to end, he went into a tirade on the cymbals with mallets and the mixture with the raining fire of guitar-string-fury was one of the best sounds I’ve been privileged to experience in my 4+ years of music hosting.

Joining them will be Shawn Ladd and The Wall of Bees. No, I did not book them because Shawn Ladd and Summerlad are odd coincidences…that is simply what they are…coincidences…as I think this local instrumental act is perfect to play with this Calgary gem.

Check their stuff online, and May I suggest going to their website
The tunes under the “music heading” are perfect examples of what this band does live.
Looking VERY forward to this.

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