Windsor Live Music: Said The Whale (Vancouver) wsg Oblisk (Detroit)

Said The Whale is returning from Vancouver with a new album!
And a band from Detroit, Oblisk, will be making their debut at Phog Lounge.
From Said The Whale’s website:
The collective brainchild of Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft and recently turned 5-piece band, Said the Whale is as much a product of Vancouver’s tremendous natural beauty as it is of the city’s budding independent music scene. With a solid fan base accumulated from a litany of previous bands (My Buddy Dave, The Millionaires, WordsOverMusic) Said the Whale are quickly winning over new fans with every show. Their unique blend of eclectic indie rock captures the essence of what it means to be young, free, and occasionally heartbroken in your early 20s. Theirs is the sound of a thousand summers spent lying under a star-filled canopy in the middle of a field. Original, incisive, and destined to set the independent music scene on fire, it is the sound of Said the Whale.”
This band coming back here is a testament to the great show goers and music fans here, and if you do not make it out to this show, you may not see this band for a long time. As we all know, the price of gas is hovering around $1.50 per litre, and when you’re from Vancouver, you cannot make those 3000km+ drives.
Come see this great show, and let’s welcome a wicked Detroit band I hope to have back sometime soon.

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  1. walter p says:

    um is this show 19+ because i really want to go

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