Windsor Live Music: New Windsor Compilation CD promo…

My cousin has a good idea.
This is it.
I’m sure he’s had more than one, but this is the one he’s working on right now…
By the way, WAMM magazine prices are more than reasonable considering what it is providing, and to my knowledge there are ads for anyone’s range…even under $75…love you WAMM…

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11 Responses to Windsor Live Music: New Windsor Compilation CD promo…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Two for the Cascade would be into this because we are currently working on some recordings. Where can I get a more direct info line instead of this one way video?

  2. This sounds like a really great idea. I’m excited to get a cd in the fall :)ps: Speaking of a promotional tool, who is playing in the background of this video?

  3. dogdiler says:

    hello – it’s dwaine iler – the guy putting this CD together – the response i’ve been getting the last couple days is great – direct line is – keep the interest coming! and please mail out your CD’s to:The W2640 Bouffard RoadLaSalle ONN9H 1W2

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great idea…Though you CAN run an ad in WAMM for a hell of alot cheaper than $75!I hope this works, good luck.

  5. dogdiler says:

    I certainly did not mean to call out WAMM in any way, lol – I was merely stating that a print ad in any publication would cost in the range of $30 to $3000 – And yes, this CD Compilation has a budget to put ads in WAMM Magazine because it’s obviously the new heartbeat of print culture in Windsor – Please contact

  6. johnnyface says:

    in response to the question about who’s playing in the background of the video—i’m going to say…tara watts? ‘course, that’s just a wild guess, and i’m way out of the loop when it comes to live local music. but i think it could be her. also, very cool compilation idea. and i’m really enjoying the videos you’ve been posting, tom. you’ve got a good screen presence. charisma!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great compilation idea – can’t wait to see what happens

  8. this is great but don’t expect Frank to go along with this paying half thing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is a great Idea. I don’t think Frank will like the paying half thing. You should ask him before you post something that commits to something like that people hear about before Frank does and then he hears about it at some random time at the bar and looks stupid because he has no idea what people are talking about and then gets mad and decides theres no way he’s putting money into this because no one buys CD’s at the bar and they should be sold at performers shows! OOPS

  10. Phog Blog says:

    Hey, thanks for the last comment fuck-face…but I, me, Tom, not Phog, is willing to pay half or full for certain bands. I am willing to invest in bands. I am willing to take a chance on selling CDs.Speak when spoken to, fucktard.

  11. dogdiler says:

    I suppose I will chime in too – It’s definitely Tom’s offer, Tom’s $$$ and he will only consider bands he has a vested interest in – Yes, they will be sold at Phog, but it’s not Phog’s investment at all – but thanks for the comment regardless, lol – any interest is wonderful. I’m getting a lot of great comments and excited individuals – The project will be in The Scene Monday July 21st

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