Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Young & Sexy (Vancouver) w/ Poorfolk (Montreal), & Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) Wednesday, October 8th

A short story of each band, and it’s relation to Phog.
Young & Sexy (Vancouver), of Mint Records, has not been here for a long while. Their first and only visit was nutty, not only because of how insanely great their harmonies were, but because of the response to the bands and their music from the crowd. The band liked it at Phog, and I hope to re-live as positive an experience.
Poorfolk (Montreal) and Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) who are both on White Whale Records, played last year on a sponsored tour by CBC Radio 3. The end of this show came together with all band members sprawled out on the stage floor together, in a romp unlike many we’ve seen in our building. These are special, special bands.

Poorfolk has shared the stage with: The Dears, Of Montreal, Aaron Booth, Gentlemen Reg, Matt Pond PA, Greg Macpherson, Plants and Animals among others.
From White Whale Records’ website:
“With Wildfires, The Mohawk Lodge sheds their dirty folk leanings in favour of blue collar indie soul. Whereas debut disc Rare Birds catered in campfire songs, the band’s sophomore record is a musical forest fire.

While early Lodge material often relied on homespun charm, every track on Wildfires seems an act of desperate catharsis. This time around the band’s songwriting manages to nod as much to Springsteen as Smog, while their playing manages to bridge the gap between Fleetwood Mac and the Constantines.”

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