Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Lesbo Vrouven (Quebec City) wsg Hotkid (Cambridge) Friday, October 10th

Lesbo Vrouven came to Phog once. I had heard an EP of theirs and thought, “Yep, this is damn good.” What happened when they showed to play? They were flawless. The up-tempo, dirty-bass sound was exactly what the recording advertised. I have been waiting for them to leave Quebec again since then. Speaking of “since then”, they have played with Beirut, Tokyo Police Club, Pride Tiger, Les Georges Leningrad, and more. Very impressive. Can’t wait to hear what they’ve cooked up in over two years.

They will be joined by Hotkid…a Cambridge outfit. Two-piece, drums and guitar, a-la-Pack A.D., with a guy in the seat and a gal on the mic with the axe. They were easily one of the loudest bands I’ve heard this year, and I look very-forward to them returning to open for the fabulous Lesbo Vrouven.

These bands evoke a sense of fun and enjoyment of music that makes you happy that they’re as good as they are creating music.
Come see.

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