Creative Minds need help with the internets…

So, as you saw me rant about how too many A) Windsorites and B) creative class inhabitants are clueless about how to maximize their viewership/readership/listenership/sales, I am putting my money where my mouth is…

Tuesday, January 27th, there will be a FREE education night for those artists, musicians, writers, etc. who want to expand their dismal presence online, using free web applications that are being proved to grow webs of connectivity among the tech, education, and corporate communities.

There will be several presenters, who will talk for 7-10 minutes each, about a particular program they are proficient in using, and share their knowlege of these programs. Presenters will SHOW on a projection screen, all the steps from clueless, to daily user of each web application they share. They’ll simply plug into the projector with their computer. Some presentations will be video only, pre-produced, and sent in from around Ontario from some people I know who are very gifted with these apps.

ONE lucky person will be chosen (to stay for the entire thing) and be registered for EVERY web app. (which they can choose to use or lose after the symposium), thus injecting some continuity to the process of registering for these sites. The presentations will ALL consist of a walk-through of how to:

A) register, B) use, and C) manage their existence online with that particular app, and, D) be taught why this app is usable, important, and pertinent to get ideas to others.

The talks will hopefully inspire a bigger presence on the web, and some more eyes, ears, minds being amazed by our Windsor talents.

It’s going to be awesome.

Oh, by the way, if you think you have something to offer in this regard, a little talk in front of some non-techies…tell me so I can schedule you for a presentation!! COME ONE, COME ALL!!

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2 Responses to Creative Minds need help with the internets…

  1. awesome. I’ll be there. And I’m excited about the Psychogeographic walk too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    you’re psychogeographic Adam

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