Windsor/Detroit Live Music: January Listings

7 – FAM Event: Explode When They Bloom, Peace Leeches, Eric Welton + 9 (Tara Watts, Travis Reitsma, Stephan, Jamie Greer, Derek Harrison, Andrew MacLeod, & more!)
9 – Travis Reitsma w/ Derek Harrison – Derek Harrison’s Going Away Party
10 – The Heels w/ Michael Hargreaves
12 – Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts
17 – Art’s Birthday being put on by Artcite with Teach Yourself Piano
19 – FAM-iversary FAM JAM with Tara Watts & many more
20 – Local band score Famous Speeches in History – Original Phog Event where bands will take the stage knowing nothing about the famous speech they will be playing to…and then they will score that speech from beginning to end.
23 – Vultures!
24 – Andrew Devillers (Toronto) w/ Roy Mahal (Calgary/Windsor)
25 – SAC Songwriters Group
26 – Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts
27 – Teaching Tech to The Creative Class – Original Phog Event angled to teach musicians, authors, painters, photographers, etc., how to use free web applications to help them grow their audience online.
30 – High Mother
31 – Michou w/ Luke Nares (Toronto)

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