Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Phog Lounge Press Updates

As I trawl the Google-Tubes, I am finding new articles about Phog, and the recent successes with CBC Radio 3.
I think you’d like to see these articles, so I will continue posting them.
Here are three more links worth checking out.

Windsor Star (March 3, 2009)
Juxtaposition Jukebox (CJAM radio show)

This week at Phog!
March 5th
Oh! C.N.A.P. (Craft Night at Phog) will begin at 6:30pm in the back portion of the bar. Local crafters will get together and make stuff, all the while, drinking coffee, tea, and beer. If crafting is your thing, and you want to meet some new people who are into manual manufacturing, come to Phog on the 5th.
March 6
Konqistador (Turkey/Windsor) w/ Dekadens (Bucharest, Romania. How can I tell you about these bands? I need earplugs when Konqistador plays, but the awesome still leaks in. This is one of the rare shows when the band comes in and sets up TONS of gear, lights, and other show enhancers (fog machine, I believe).
Every time these guys play here, it’s a spectacle, and the music is powerful. I HIGHLY recommend that you see these bands, as they don’t exactly show up often. Dekadens is from ROMANIA for crying out loud! Come and see a band from ROMANIA!

March 7
Adam Rideout-Arkell (of Yellow Wood) will be playing solo, which I have seen recently at Open Mic Nights. He’s a vocal monster, and his songwriting is incredible because it doesn’t follow the architecture of most songs. Aside from that, you don’t get much better people than Adam.

Bianca Oran (of Del Rios) will also be playing solo, and this will be my first time hearing her. I’m looking forward to it.

Efan will be putting his talents on display in one way or another. You see, the dude can play ukulele in his sleep, and sing his butt off, but he also has an affinity for electronic music production. When he busts out the samples, playing and singing over top of it, there’s yet another golden prize for showing up at Phog.

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