St. Patrick’s Beard and Moustache Contest with PRIZES!!

Yes. Prizes For Best Beard/Moustache.
Walkerville Brewing Company is donating vouchers to the top three finalists of the Phog Lounge First Annual Beard and Moustache Competition.
The second and third place finishers will receive vouchers for Growlers! Each Growler is holds almost as much beer as a six pack! 1.89 litres or 5.5 bottles in one jug.
From Walkerville’s site
“An American tradition, the growler resembles a moonshine jug. In the early 1800s, fresh beer was carried from pub to home by means of small galvanized pails. Rumour has it that beer sloshing around the pail created a rumbling sound as the Co2 escaped though the lid- the term “growler” was coined.”

And the first place finisher will be rewarded a voucher for a 20-Litre Keg of Walkerville Beer!
To see a list of the beer available from Walkerville, go HERE.
What does it take to win?
Well, this guy won a recent competition somewhere –
But for most people who were NOT paying attention to the Facebook event I sent out MONTHS ago to grow their beards out, I figure that whoever trims, shapes, carves, and designs their short beards into something respectably unique is who has a chance to win this thing.

On St. Patrick’s Day, we will judge the beards/moustaches at 10pm.
If you are not at Phog by 10pm to have your beard judged (before you do other St. Patrick’s Day things) you will not be judged. It will be a simple series of looks from the judges, some scoring, based on originality and commitment to the contest…and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
Thanks again to Walkerville Brewing for making these great prizes available.
If you know someone who might be able to win these prizes, with or without your sculpting or selective shaving help, maybe keeping beards of unusual length, send them to Phog on St. Patrick’s Day! Frank and Tom will both be shaving their beard creatively, although we cannot compete.

Any ideas?

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