Windsor Detroit Live Music: Black Diamond Bay and Helsinki Go MANGLED on Friday night.

Simply put, the show last night (Friday the 17th of April) blew some minds.
The Helsinki Go opening was fantastic, as usual, with their fog machine accompaniment and heavily supportive crowd. It was beautiful to see so many new AND familiar faces from Detroit. It was unbelievable for so many Michigan accents to be mingling with our regulars. A very comforting feeling, I must admit.

If you missed the show, one of our good friends – Darren, took video of the Black Diamond Bay portion of the show in two parts. Without exaggerating, as I am want to do, this show was easily in the top 10 shows we’ve ever held. The finale, in the second video, of Black Diamond Bay was so astronomically epic, if you weren’t here, you just won’t know the power of this show.

Partick was clear when he arrived that they were loud. Having heard the CD, I thought he was being a little over-cautious. Well…they were loud. They were earplug-intimidatingly loud. It was huge. And awesome.

The entire band, Montrealers, were very kind and gracious, and a joy to host. They were in a great mood, knowing that our great friend Tony (of the Avalon Front) was hosting them overnight. Thanks again Tony, for making their time here better than it would have been otherwise. I cannot wait to have them back. And they claim to be heading back in the Fall. Don;t miss them then.

Enjoy the vids.
Thanks DARREN!

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