Jon Corbin and the Amazing Citizenry of Phog

We have great customers.
More like “citizens of Phog” than customers though, as many of you know.

One guy in particular, a Yankee, from Michigan, has been going above and beyond ever since we became aware of him. I felt it was appropriate to share him with you, as his actions have reminded me of the greatness in our Phog citizenry.

Jon Corbin was a casual listener of the CBC Radio 3 podcasts. He became aware, quickly, that the bands he was falling in love with were playing Phog on a regular basis. He was looking them up online, and seeing them playing in Windsor.

Wasting no time, he ventured into a new country, and a new space to see these Canadian bands. But he didn’t just bring himself, and his keen ear for great art. He brought friends, family, acquaintances, his fiancee, and more. His buddy Roy has become well acquainted with our inability to make fruity drinks he keeps finding on the internet. Roy now takes pride in stumping me with his concoctions.

Aside from buying music from artists in Windsor and beyond, he goes to local restaurants in the area with regularity, knowing he’ll be visiting favourites before he leaves his house in the USA.

But he’s gone further. Much further. Knowing that our wireless capabilities were lacking, due to a donated router, he would not take no for an answer when he suggested that HE donate a new router. I told him that if we couldn’t afford a NEW powerful router, we shouldn’t have one. He disagreed. It was not only delivered, but promptly HOOKED UP by JON himself!

This has been a reason we have such a great live feed from the bar for the streaming video shows we’re been unleashing from time-to-time. It’s also the reason you can actually do some work/socializing on your computer when in Phog these days.

When he arrived this past weekend, he brought “Free Wi-Fi” displays for the windows, so that passers-by would know we have the Wi-Fi to offer. I could have done this, but I didn’t. He didn’t suggest it to me, like I would hope and expect…instead he went home and MADE them for us!

For the second time in a month, he brought home-made kettle-corn (like Crunch N’ Munch) for Jessica and myself! Jamie Greer partook in the eating this past weekend. He can attest to the care taken when making this stuff.

NOW the guy is on tear to get Phog stickers made for his own distribution. He knows that we are apprehensive when handing these vinyl-cut things out, because they cost, and he’s going ahead and printing them on his own accord, with the sole interest in helping promote Phog.

I don’t think he knows how much this is UNEXPECTED (naturally) and appreciated.
All of our customers are jewels, diamonds in the rough, alone OR when compared to the general client base in downtown Windsor bars. We are super appreciative for everyone who does these little untold favours and projects.

Jon’s over-the-top excitement about what we do was one way to point out how much all of the other customers do, day-to-day for Phog…like the countless sound technicians who help make the shows sound better (while attending a show), or the fans who help bands load and unload, or help sell their merchandise for them, or who offer bands a place to stay for the night (like Tony F. did this past weekend with Black Diamond Bay).

We are the luckiest bar in Canada because of the people who take care of us.
Thanks Jon, and thanks to everyone else who shows they care.

Can you remember any outstanding acts of Phog you’d like to share in the comment section?
Please remind me of the other great things that’ve been done.

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4 Responses to Jon Corbin and the Amazing Citizenry of Phog

  1. Robert says:

    Frank put on the fries 10 minutes before I arrived yesterday, ‘coz he’s freakin’ psychic. Where else can you get that kind of service?

  2. Anonymous says:

    emm grynner playing revolution on the white bass

  3. EM-C says:

    thank you, tom, for tirelessly developing this amazing venue for great music, and creating opportunities for people 🙂

  4. jared says:

    i think you the reason that you guys attract such a loyal customer base is found with the staff and behind the bar. Within minutes of being in Phog last summer, I felt completely at home, like I had been coming there all my life. You deserve all of the accolades that you get, Phog really is one of a kind!

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