Windsor Detroit Live Music: Aftermath of Barzin, Nick Zubeck, and Music Minus You

Photo of Barzin by Jon Corbin of Michigan

As is usual when Barzin rolls into Windsor, we are all smiles.
He pulls up in a station wagon, we nod politely, and then the unloading begins.
This time around, Barzin’s aunt called ahead from Farmington Hills, Michigan, and warned of the impending thunderstorm coming our way.

So, as Barzin arrived, and we exchanged our courtesies, a stone-whipping wind spun through the parking lot and speckled our faces like mini-asteroids hitting many moons. It put a halt to the cordial talk, and moved us into action.

Once everything was loaded in, Barzin set off to get everything running and sound checked. Of course, our sound board was not turning on…
Panic set in, and I resorted to calling Ryan Fields at home. ON the second attempt, he said he’d fix it when he showed up…if he could get picked up.

Barzin now, with his aunt and uncle, decides to scoop Ryan at home in Walkerville and bring the doctor back as soon as possible. Upon his arrival, everything is smooth and running fine within minutes.

The first treat, hearing RF play again for the first time in almost 6 months, was a nostalgic reminder of why he sets such a phenomenal atmosphere for the bands that follow.

Nick Zubeck played second. I busied myself, looking for bodies to be in the building…so that they could enjoy the fullness of the show I was receiving partially. Zubeck and Barzin share the same musicians, so the change-over between sets was quick and easy. From the tail of Zubeck’s set to the face of Barzin’s, the crowd somewhat busied themselves with conversation about how many people were missing out on this amazing display.

The CJAM awards (Jammies) were held on Friday night, as well as a couple of other great shows at other venues. I explained to the die-hards on-hand that Friday had talent he wind out of some financial sails for Saturday…and that this is just the way the scene works sometimes. People can’t be everywhere.

To tally up the set Barzin’s band put on display, I’ll say this; they had a vibraphone, a lap-steel, stand-up bass, accordion, and KILLER musicians, all top-notch guys in their own right.

HEaring a familiar song, Barzin’s “Let’s Go Driving” is likely the most amazing song I’ve heard in this building this year. It was just the tone, feeling, emotionally charged energy I was looking forward to from his set. The sets were SO TIGHT, with supreme musicianship, it was like wearing headphones at times, as the crowd was silent, present, and aware of what they were witnessing.

Simply put, I cannot wait for these generous, gifted gents to return. They know it too. I hammered that point across. Hopefully you’ll make it to their next show, whenever that happens.

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1 Response to Windsor Detroit Live Music: Aftermath of Barzin, Nick Zubeck, and Music Minus You

  1. AMRAyw says:

    awesome post tom. love the stream of consciousness feel. love the tone. it was a great night.

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