Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Meatdraw (Victoria) w/ Tara Watts and Joe Catanzaro

Holy crap. Again.
Meatdraw is coming to Phog MONDAY MAY 11th!! For many reading this, that means TODAY.
They’re amazing, which is why I had to usurp open mic night with Tara Watts. Alas, I did not exlude Tara from the proceedings. She fits well with the out-of-towners.

One of the magnificent details of this show, for those who’ve been coming to Phog for 4+ years, is that Lily Fawn of the famous Hank & Lily is IN MEATDRAW. Many remember her, dressed as a deer-person, drumming while standing up with a wild and bizarre stage show several years ago. She joins this cast of musicians from several well-known bands (who include members of Rantmusic, AAA Soundsystem, Frog Eyes, Hank & Lily, and Hearse). It’s going to be amazing.
Also joining them will be Joe Catanzaro! A local dude who rarely, if ever, plays shows. He’s an incredible instrumentalist who leaves people begging for more after every open mic performance. Literally…they shout at him for more and he just shrugs.
I am very happy to take the opportunity to get Joe in for this show.
From Nerve Magazine:
“Based in Victoria, BC, but likely to be found wandering any given region of North America, Meatdraw is one of the best carnival exorcism dance bands in the world. The fierce, raging joy with which they transport and delight their audiences is rock music, amplified by horns, saw, accordion, and intricate musicianship. Stomp-gospel dirges, post-apocalyptic crooner ballads, mythic power anthems, and ghostly car-chase jazz suites are channeled through these talented deviants (who include members of Rantmusic, AAA Soundsystem, Frog Eyes, Hank & Lily, and Hearse). The Show begins with seven (or more) wild musicians marching, wailing, and shaking their way through the crowd, up to the stage, and straight into “…stomp-and-holler oompah hoedowns to light a fire in your colon when you’d least expect it.”

Tolan McNeil of Lucky Mouse Studio captured this ferocious live energy and wrangled it into their first release, the self-titled Meatdraw. “Occasionally the album brings to mind something you might hear at a gypsy camp in the Balkans, but more often I’m reminded of a rootsier Flaming Lips, or portions of The Violent Femmes’ Hallowed Ground, albeit – if you can imagine – a little weirder. And that’s a very good thing.”- Nerve Magazine

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