Musicians and artists…I’d like to see you on Monday…MORNING!

This is going to be tough to say in print, so I said it with video.
I’m used to asking all of you to come out to a place that requires money.
This time it’s different.
More to follow after the vid.

Morning Flight

Morning Flight

This is the sculpture we’re going to be meeting at, located on the foot of Askin Blvd., on the path along the river.

I think it’s crucial that those reading this, and watching this video make their car seats available to those who are willing to attend.
We might not have a chance to flex our artistic muscle in the public eye like this again for a WHILE.
A peaceful joining of interests. A friendly introduction of art to the City.
Be a part of this.
My e-mail is If you need a ride, I will do what I can to get you there with myself or someone else.
Please, no excuses…if you comment on this post, tell me why you ARE going, not why you’re aren’t.

See you there!

In addition to this…Pina Ciotoli, of posted this tidbit of info for any BUSINESSES interested in showing themselves at the celebration space FOR FREE!!!

“Hi everyone! Just a reminder that the Creative Cities Walk is quickly approaching on Monday, May 18th. If you haven’t already done so, please let me know if your organization or group will be participating in this year’s walk. We are expecting great media coverage for this event and I would like to include your group if participating.

This is a great opportunity to show your support for arts and culture in this community and it’s also the perfect time to showcase an event you may have coming up or fundraise for your group! Can’t make it? Send friends or volunteers out to act on behalf of your group.

At the end of our walk we will be joining in on the festivities being held for Windsor’s 117th birthday party at the Riverfront Festival Plaza. If you are interested in booth space at the Riverfront Festival Plaza, contact Nora Betram Romero at 519-255-6100×6309. Space for a 10×10 booth at the plaza is free, but you must register with Nora before May 15th.

Keep checking in to as we will post the latest information on the site.

If you have any questions, would like to volunteer or have your group participate, please contact me at 519-890-5038.

Pina Ciotoli”

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