Colchester Ridge Estates Winery products at Phog Lounge? Yes. For realsies.

So there’s this program called Twitter.

I get teased for using it, making connections, etc.
However, it makes some fairly great things happen from time to time.
Here’s an anecdote of one of those times:

Known as “@Jiimmy” on Twitter, Jim is a sales representative for Colchester Ridge Estates Winery (CREW). I didn’t know this for several months. We were communicating on a local level, because we’re both people who care about the Windsor/Essex area. We use our blogs to promote good things in the area, and we use our community-cloud of contacts to share links, music, etc. with those who follow us on Twitter.

That said, Jim decided to FINALLY tell me that he was a wine rep. and that he wanted to bring something by Phog for us to taste, and consider carrying in the bar.
Being on a strong local kick lately, and having OTHER BUSINESSES knowing that local entrepreneurs are looking to support locals, we’re starting to get approached by these other deserving brands.

Jim came in to meet Frank and I, to give us a list and tasting of delicious wines from CREW.
Frank decided on carrying the white wine, Gewurztraminer VQA 2007 (pronounced guh-verz-tra-meener):
“This is a dry-style Gewurztraminer with clean citrus flavours and a finish that has a touch of spice combined with a hint of rose.”

And the red wine, Caberbnet Franc VQA 2006:
“The aromas extending upwards are woody and earthy, exhibiting shitake mushroom and a soupcon of tarragon. The taste is satisfying with jamminess in berries and plum, cassis and a tincture of violet. With its good tannins, it promises a good shelf-life and more structure with age.”
That whole shebang means…it tastes good.
The red has been selling like MAD. The white sells better when the weather is hot.

I just figured it was about time I announced that we’re selling some new wine.
It’s great. And you should come and try some.

One of the amazing things I never knew about this winery is that they have a white wine (Riesling VQA 2007) that is the official white wine for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario! HELLO! This is the white wine option at Queen’s Park for any official dinner! Holy moly!!

Come and support Colchester Ridge Estates Winery.

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1 Response to Colchester Ridge Estates Winery products at Phog Lounge? Yes. For realsies.

  1. louise says:

    Awesome, I look forward to trying both @ PHOG.We are trying to hook up with CREW to serve their Wine at this year'sArt Walkerville in July.Go Jimmy!

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