CBC Radio 3 Best Live Music Venue In Canada -Tickets

July 11th is much clearer now.
Of all the scenarios we’ve had in our heads for this thing, it’s starting to look much more sharp.

The show IS FREE. You can stand on several hundred meters of street, sidewalk, etc. on University Ave. W. (between Victoria and Pellissier) and see/hear the show. You won’t see it as well as you could while in the free area. The spot to be is in the LICENSED AREA, which is where the party atmosphere will be alive and well. Tickets in this area will only be $15. This is for over 20 bands, and 12 hours of music.

The licensed area will stretch from the east end of University Ave. (Victoria Avenue), encompassing the stage area, spreading over 120 feet west, toward The Capitol Theatre. This area will be the hands-on, 19+, place where you can mingle, see the bands up close and personal (on and off stage), and have delicious beer. This area will include the inside of Phog Lounge, where the usual stage will also be used to house music throughout the day.

Plans are to begin by 1pm and run through the evening until 1am. The CBC Radio 3 broadcast will air online and on Sirius Satellite Radio from 5pm until 8pm. This leaves us with five hours to listen to touring and local bands, including:
Holy Fuck (Toronto)
Arkells (Hamilton)
The Pack A.D. (Vancouver)
The Kramdens (Guelph) – Note:
This is CBC Radio 3 host Craig Norris’ band!!
The Locusts Have No King (Windsor)
Yellow Wood (Windsor)
Michou (Windsor)
Orphan Choir (Windsor)
Field Assembly (Windsor)
Ron Leary & Kelly Hoppe (Windsor)
The Eric Welton Band (Windsor)
Peace Leeches (Chatham)
Pat Robitaille (Windsor)
What Seas, What Shores (Windsor)
Vultures! (Windsor)
(WH)Y.M.E.(??) (Windsor)
Fjord Rowboat (Toronto/Windsor)
Citywide Vacuum (Windsor)
James O-L and The Villains (Windsor)
Square Root of Margaret (Chatham)
Tara Watts (full band) (Windsor)
Another Saturday Knight (Windsor)
Megan Hamilton and The Volunteer Canola (Toronto)

So come and get your tickets at Phog Lounge now.
Hundreds and hundreds of people are going to be coming to this event, from Toronto, London, Sarnia, Detroit, and of course Windsor. If you live in Windsor, take advantage of your proximity, and get tickets while they’re available.
Also, if you haven’t “ordered” your CBC Radio 3’s Best Live Music Venue black t-shirt yet, e-mail phoglounge@gmail.com with your size. When they are ready (one week) you will be contacted to come and pick them up and pay for them.

It’s time to start getting excited!

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8 Responses to CBC Radio 3 Best Live Music Venue In Canada -Tickets

  1. rosina. says:

    Sorry, this may seem like a silly question, but in order to buy the tickets to get closer to the stage etc, you must be 19+ ?

  2. Phog Blog says:

    Not a silly question.But yes, you must be 19 at least, to get into the licensed area.But you can mingle on the outskirts…

  3. Anonymous says:

    ummmm. what's the date? ha ha

  4. rosina. says:

    Wow, it sucks to be underage in this city.I'm really looking forward to the show, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't have minded to pay extra to be closer to the bands.

  5. Phog Blog says:

    Phog Lounge DOES have an all-ages group on Facebook.We book shows that start earlier, on weekends (5pm or so) and cater directly to thoe who want to see some of the shows we run…but who are not yet 19 years old.You should look into the shows that ARE available, fairly regularly, and plan on seeing some of these bands INSIDE Phog then.Of course, you'll still get a good spot at the July 11th show.

  6. rosina. says:

    I know about the all ages shows that are put on (and I'm in the group as well). I'm not trying to sound unappreciative, I know how hard you try for people of all ages to see great bands. I've been following your success since Searchlight started. I just wish this time around, things wouldn't be restricted. It's no matter anyway, I will still be there, as close as I can get.

  7. Lauren says:

    Say we dont live in windsor at the momentbut will be home for the weekend, should we just get someone to drop by and pick up our ticket? Or is there another way to just pay when we get there?

  8. Phog Blog says:

    Lauren…get someone to get the tickets for you.They will go like mad before July 11th.

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