Wellington Weekends

You all know the incredible beverages coming out of Wellington Brewery.
Anyone who’s been to Phog in the past five and a half years has likely tasted the brands we’ve carried since we opened.

and occasionally,

So why am I telling you about them now?
Well, they’re sponsoring Phog’s weekends…starting in June!
They’re basically making ti easier for us to bring bands here, great bands, to entertain the wonderful patrons in Windsor of live music and Phog Lounge.

We’ve always loved this company, this group of products, and the people we’ve dealt with at Wellington Brewery.

Come and enjoy a cold one, or two, or more with friends this and every weekend while listening to the best the country has to offer in the way of live music.

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2 Responses to Wellington Weekends

  1. dan says:

    Sweet. I know a band that loved Trailhead so much they named their EP after it.

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