The development of a ticket.

The image you see is ALMOST what we ended up printing as a ticket to the July 11th event…since named Phog Phest.

We put the word out that tickets were on sale at Phog, and they WENT.
A quick description of what’s going on that day.

There is a licensed area for less than 600 people.
For regulars of Phog, you may think this sounds big.
It isn’t.
The show begins at 1pm, with two sets outdoors…then CBC Radio 3 sound checks for the 4 bands on the broadcast (being held from 5pm – 8pm), during which bands will play inside of Phog. At 5pm, the broadcast begins outside, for three hours, which will be followed by sets switching from indoors to outdoors from 8pm until 1am.

With over 20 bands scheduled…there are NOT A LOT OF TICKETS TO GO AROUND for such an epic event.
SO please, if you are a regular, and you want to be in the licensed area…come and get these tickets before they’re gone. The advertising and promotion begins full force next week…and the tickets will be gone before you know it.

Come to Phog, ask for Phog Phest tickets…pass over $15 per ticket, and prepare for an incredible time!

Again, if you want to come for free, in the UN-licensed area…there will be room for you too.
See you there!

A detailed listing of bands and schedules will be released within the week…

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6 Responses to Tickets…SELLING!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So when you say "UN-licensed" does this mean standing outside the specific area or..?Because I want to go, but I'm not 19. Maybe I should just buy a ticket anyway.

  2. Phog Blog says:

    If you're NOT 19…you cannot buy a ticket. You must watch from the free area. The licensed area is 19+ only.Sorry kiddies. I know you love music as much as the next guy/gal.

  3. John Teeter says:

    I left you a message in Facebook, I need one ticket and one shirt. Did you get that message?

  4. kb24 says:

    I can't wait for this. Its very exciting to have a wonderful event like this taking place in Windsor. With all the negative press we have gotten of late, it will be wonderful to show the rest of Canada just how great a community we really have here and that Canada doesn't end at Toronto.

  5. Norman says:

    Do you think that those under 19 will still get an experience/be able to hear or see the festivities? I know quite a bit of youngins who'd die to come to this.

  6. Phog Blog says:

    Young folks will DEFINITELY get to see and hear great music. They should ALL come down.

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