Black Kettle Bistro and more about Phog Phest…

For those of you who don’t know some of the particulars of this show, here are some fun details.

You need to know about Black Kettle Bistro. Why? Because you can buy tickets there! DURING THE DAY. Also, tickets can be bought at Dr. Disc, and Riverside Music. And of course, Phog. Back to BKB.

Black Kettle Bistro will be cooking and selling a variety of food, including desserts, INSIDE the licensed area of Phog Phest.

From speaking with Rino Bortolin, co-owner, he insists that he will have people walking around both the licensed and unlicensed areas selling some of the AMAZING food from Black Kettle Bistro.

Some might be wondering why the Black Kettle Bistro (BKB) logo is on the posters…well…Rino is providing a wrap for each volunteer, and each band member playing the event! This guy has been beyond helpful and eager to celebrate the CBC Radio 3 Searchlight Contest win, that his excitement has been making me even more intense about this amazing opportunity.

If you haven’t eaten there, BKB is located at 357 Ouellette Avenue, next to The Treehouse, and even has it’s own blog!
For a write up…click here.

Now onto some more details about the show that people have been asking about…

Yes, there will be two stages. One outside, located on the Victoria Avenue end of University Avenue (west end). It wil be facing east, where the bands will be playing their music down the road, with Phog and The Capitol Theatre on the right hand side.
The second stage will be within Phog, where the usual stage is located.

The schedule (released shortly) will start with bands outside on the main stage, until 2pm. Bands will then play indoors while CBC Radio 3 sound-checks the four bands playing during the broadcast (Yellow Wood, Green Go, Arkells, and Holy F#@k). The live Sirius Satellite Radio and CBC Radio 3 broadcast will begin at 5pm and run until 8pm. After 8pm, bands will be playing 30-minute sets, back and forth, from the inside stage to the outside stage.

Yes, when bands play inside, the crowd outside will hear them playing outside, as if they were on the outdoor stage. And vice versa.

This way, the music never stops…until 1am, when the live music moves inside until the end of the night.

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