July Listings for Phog

2 – Magnolius (Toronto) w/ Leo37 (Toronto) & Sunclef (Toronto)
3 – The Speaking Tongues (Toronto) w/ Catl (Toronto)
4 – Jay Clark and The Jones (Toronto) w/ The Daniel Sky Band, & Lee Gaul (Toronto/Windsor)
5 – Patrick Ballantyne (Toronto) w/ Aaron Garner (Toronto)
8 – Videotape (Toronto/Ottawa) w/ Sick Friend (Montreal), & Efan
9 – Travis Reitsma w/ Eric Welton
11 –Phog Phest
Plans are to begin by 1pm and run through the evening until 1am. The CBC Radio 3 broadcast will air online and on Sirius Satellite Radio from 5pm until 8pm. This leaves us with five hours to listen to touring and local bands, including:
Holy Fuck (Toronto)
Arkells (Hamilton)
Green Go (Guelph)
The Pack A.D. (Vancouver)
The Kramdens (Guelph) – Note:
This is CBC Radio 3 host Craig Norris’ band!!
The Locusts Have No King (Windsor)
Yellow Wood (Windsor)
Michou (Windsor)
Orphan Choir (Windsor)
Field Assembly (Windsor)
Ron Leary & Kelly Hoppe (Windsor)
The Eric Welton Band (Windsor)
Peace Leeches (Chatham)
Pat Robitaille (Windsor)
What Seas, What Shores (Windsor)
(WH)Y.M.E.(??) (Windsor)
Fjord Rowboat (Toronto/Windsor)
Citywide Vacuum (Windsor)
James O-L and The Villains (Windsor)
Square Root of Margaret (Chatham)
Tara Watts (full band) (Windsor)
Another Saturday Knight (Windsor)
Megan Hamilton and The Volunteer Canola (Toronto)
15 – Ian Foster (St. John’s, NFLD)
17 – Two For The Cascade CD Release Party
18 – Jon Travis (Toronto) w/ Noah Zacharin (Toronto)
21 – What Seas, What Shores w/ TBA
22 – Julie Doiron (Sackville, NB) w/ The Baird Brothers
23 – John Charles Benn CD Release
24 – Derek Boyle – Blues Band
25 – Lonesome Lefty & The Cryin’ Shames
26 – The Wooden Sky – TWO SHOWS – 5pm (ALL AGES) and 9:30pm (19+)
29 – Screening of the movie DIG
31 – Black Diamond Bay (Montreal)

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