Canada Day – Said The Whale – and Phog!

I don’t even know how to express this event that occurred today.

I woke at 1:10pm.
I stumbled into the living room where my wife was watching something I was not in the mood to watch. You see, I don’t watch TV during the week. I click on the radio, drink tea, and answer e-mail.

As I changed the channel, I saw a brief image of a large-scale crowd, and quickly realized it was Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa.
There was music playing.

I said out loud, “I know this band, who is this?”
Two seconds later, I was looking at this –

Yeah, it’s Ben from Said The Whale! The Vancouver band that stole our hearts SEVERAL shows ago when they mesmerised everyone in the bar. They’ve continued to over-achieve on tour, making their stops at Phog my favourite nights of the year.

And now this!

Not only is it amazing that Said The Whale was playing for the Prime Minister, and Governor General, but for thousands of people on Canada day and on NATIONAL TELEVISION!

And for those of you with eyes, you will have already noticed that Ben is wearing The new “Best Live Music Venue in Canada – Phog Lounge” t-shirt!!
My eyes almost bugged out of my head.
I was still 75% asleep when this happened, and I was fully awake and frantically trying to figure out who to call when I saw this.

My wife said, “That’s my design on TV!”
I just high-fived her and laughed with glee, at the happiness from seeing our friends on such a huge, prominent stage, and to see Phog being represented by one of the best bands in Canada.
When I hopped onto Twitter to let everyone know what I was seeing, I saw this on the top of my messages, from Said The Whale, “@phogtom ben will be rockin a Phog Lounge tshirt on stage for the parliament hill Canada day noon show!”

I simply forwarded this message to everyone as fast as I could, in the hopes that someone would see this.
And of course, people responded by saying that they saw it and were blown away!
These images, in fact, were shot by John Doherty, and posted to Facebook, because he was watching when he saw the t-shirt blaring off of the screen into his living room.

Thanks John for the shots, and thanks Jhoan for waking me to see this, and especially thanks to Said The Whale, and Ben, for showing such support for us on that massive spectacle-broadcast.

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3 Responses to Canada Day – Said The Whale – and Phog!

  1. Mike says:

    I really hate that I worked today and missed this, although not as much as I hate myself for missing their show here. Still it's great. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Eric says:

    Phucking Coooool!

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