Black Diamond Bay (Montreal) w/ Yellow Wood at Phog July 31st, 2009

Patrick Krief came to Phog a few months ago.
We knew there was hype around this band, due to a couple of the members having been in The Dears…so we expected great music…but what we got was WAY MORE.

Black Diamond Bay, closing the show after Helsinki Go, put on a display I won’t soon forget. It was a stunning show, with a phenomenal (AND perfectly LOUD) sound. Krief was a shredder on guitar in a way I don’t remember seeing on our stage.

For real.
Here’s some video from that night, taken by D. Bonnici:

It was an intense, PACKED house, and it was easily one of the best acts to grace our stage in 5 years. Not to mention that Patrick and his crew were great guys, and we were anxious to have back simply because they’re great to have around Phog.
And if that wasn’t enough…YELLOW WOOD fresh off of a CBC Radio 3 live broadcast will be opening the night with a FULL SET of new music.

Sweet Geezus I love this band.

$7 Advance ticket sales.
$10 at the door.

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