Phog Phest Re-Cap (with thanks) Part 4 – Rino Bortolin

Most of you should know this guy already.
He’s known as @bkbrino on Twitter, and as the proprietor of Black Kettle Bistro.
Rino Bortolin.

He was the man in charge of food inside the licensed area of Phog Phest.
That is the lightest, most hollow description of what Rino was actually responsible for on that day.
Yes he sold out of Red Bull, and made hundreds of granola bars (organic), and also served a TON of famous Black Kettle Bistro wraps. But he did SO MUCH MORE in the lead-up to this event.

In the planning stages of Phog Phest, Rino made it known that he was available to help in ANY CAPACITY, from panning to grunt work, to layout, fencing, and volunteers. And it wasn’t just talk, because he actually WAS available for help during planning, volunteering, and other such meetings. He also did a lot of grunt work before, during, and after the event.

Rino is the kind of guy who just wants to see good thing, done right.
And he’s been in the general business community for far longer than I, he was a go-to reference guide for all things NUMBERS.

Ultimately, he was a guy I knew I could call at a last moments’ notice to get advice or help. Whenever I asked, online, where I could get this or that, it was almost ALWAYS Rino answering forst…with an actual solution or connection.

We are all lucky to have this guy in our midst, in our business community, in our culture community, and in our creative class. He is doing everything he can to foster creativity, and to stregnthen to arts community…within his abilities, working 80 hours per week BEFORE considering the time he puts in at his booth at the Downtown Market (which kicks ass BTW) or any of the other addition things he strings together in a week.

Rino, thank you for the support, the foresight, and everything you did to help. Nothing went unnoticed. If I didn’t see it, it was “reported”.

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