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Jean-Paul De Roover (Thunder Bay) & Pawnshop Diamond (Vancouver)

Jean-Paul De Roover has an original name.He also has a unique way of performing music.He’s been compared to Final Fantasy, and for some odd reason, Wax Mannequin.The Final Fantasy reference makes sense because of his use of looping pedals, creating … Continue reading

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Hey Ocean and Dan Mangan cover Wintersleep

Hey Ocean just left Phog least week after an incredible show.Dan Mangan is relatively unknown in Windsor, for no good reason, and is on his way here for October 9th with Will Currie & The Country French as well as … Continue reading

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Humanities Research Group – "Philosophy And The City"

On Tuesday, September 22nd we held an event at Phog.It was organized by Stephen Pender of the University of Windsor Humanities Research Group. The event, Philosophy And The City, was designed to bring people together to discuss the way the … Continue reading

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Videos of the week gone by…Little Girls and Hot Panda

I want to get into the habit of posting video immediately after the shows leave our stage, but it’s easier said than done. These are the two bands that I was capable (present for) of capturing on film.Little Girls from … Continue reading

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Hey Ocean! (Vancouver) w/ Secret Broadcast (Calgary), The Fast Romantics (Calgary) & Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (Calgary) Wednesday, September 23rd! Hey Ocean is on their way to Phog.They’re bringing some solid acts behind them…and this Wednesday show will be yet another stellar Autumn show.From Hey Ocean’s myspace: “Often described as one of Canada‚Äôs best up-and-coming acts, Hey Ocean is … Continue reading

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Young Rival (Hamilton) w/ The Heels

One of Canada’s best rock and roll bands is playing Phog on Friday.Young Rival (previously The Ride Theory) are back on the trail of giving amazing shows to people who really love music. This band has been startling audiences with … Continue reading

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Hot Panda (Vancouver) w/ Little Girls (Toronto) on Wednesday, September 16th

Hot Panda played Phog a while ago. It was a jammed bill, and they played two shows that day.It’s going to be great to have this group back, as they were wonderful to host, and we’ll all get to hear … Continue reading

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Phog Walks Detroit

I have put out a Facebook invite for an incredible walk taking place in Detroit.Bob Goldsmith of Detroit Tour Connections is hosting the two-hour tour.The tour will be in the area of Cass Corridor…a richly interesting space, which will lead … Continue reading

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Wax Mannequin and company will conquer…

The Cubans look terrifying if I found their videos properly on Youtube. Giant cardboard masks etc. are tantamount to me having nightmares after the show, but having some ethnicity in our midst is a hell of a prospect! I was … Continue reading

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Phog September & October Listings

September1 – Liz Beattie (Victoria) w/ Jean-Paul Maurice & Simon Margetts (Victoria)4 – Schomberg Fair (Toronto) w/ The Warped 45s (Toronto) & James O-L and The Villains7 – Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts8 – Wax Mannequin w/ Popeye’s Golden … Continue reading

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