Wax Mannequin and company will conquer…

The Cubans look terrifying if I found their videos properly on Youtube. Giant cardboard masks etc. are tantamount to me having nightmares after the show, but having some ethnicity in our midst is a hell of a prospect! I was asked sardonically online if it was illegal for Americans to come and watch/listen to this band (especially to PAY them). Nice. I liked that.

Bulletproof Tiger will be bringing bigtime heat to support this show.
The boys seem genuinely keen on seeing/hearing Wax’s crew unload in a full-band mix that is rarely gifted us.

Do you need another reason?
The cover charge will be $7 at the door.
If you could take ten minutes out of your day between now and Tuesday to come get a ticket in ADVANCE, it will cost you $5.
And for that matter, if you are wanting to be made aware of these shows sooner, join the Phog Lounge Facebook group.

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