Young Rival (Hamilton) w/ The Heels

One of Canada’s best rock and roll bands is playing Phog on Friday.
Young Rival (previously The Ride Theory) are back on the trail of giving amazing shows to people who really love music.

This band has been startling audiences with their jaw-dropping guitar-work, energy, and songwriting since they were teenagers.
They’re not much older than that NOW, but they are NEVER a disappointment.

The show will be helped out by local band, The Heels.
The show will begin around 10:30pm, and the cover price is $5.
Be there to see one of Canada’s best.
They are phenomenal.

Some vids for you to peruse of them?

This one made me laugh in the first ten seconds!

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1 Response to Young Rival (Hamilton) w/ The Heels

  1. mykesongs says:

    Nice!!Ride Theory was a phenomenal group– saw them way back when B-Side existed in Toronto. Great 8mm tour video– love actual film footage, and the full band entry halfway thru the tune.~Myke!

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