Hey Ocean! (Vancouver) w/ Secret Broadcast (Calgary), The Fast Romantics (Calgary) & Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (Calgary) Wednesday, September 23rd!


Hey Ocean is on their way to Phog.
They’re bringing some solid acts behind them…and this Wednesday show will be yet another stellar Autumn show.
From Hey Ocean’s myspace:

“Often described as one of Canada’s best up-and-coming acts, Hey Ocean is a young band with an extraordinary talent for blending various musical styles into a brand of infectious pop that is uniquely their own.

Together, Ashleigh Ball, David Beckingham and David Vertesi have created a musical repertoire that cannot be ignored – be it on radio, television or your neighbor’s iPod, Hey Ocean will soon be everywhere.

Aside from the skillful delivery of their music, what sets Hey Ocean apart is the spirited character they bring to the stage. Three mischievous personalities combine to form a dynamic live presence that keeps concertgoers captivated and on their feet. In fact, live performance has been an integral part of what the band calls their “natural growth.” But what began as a very casual musical partnership between friends has, in less than four years, morphed into one of Canada’s most successful independent bands.”

Hey Ocean – A Song About California

Too Soon – Official Music Video

Hey Ocean! – Fifteen Words

For more videos, visit Hey Ocean’s myspace page. There’s a TON on there.
The Fast Romantics will also be playing this evening…and here’s a bit about them on their myspace page:

“The Fast Romantics are a band from Calgary, Canada. They played their first show with the current line-up in September 2007 and have since played alongside acts such as Stone Temple Pilots, the Flaming Lips, the Fratellis, the Stills and more. After playing Virgin Fest and a number of other high-profile shows, the band caught the ear of legendary Mix Engineer Mike Fraser (Franz Ferdinand, Sam Roberts, AC/DC), who recently finished mixing their upcoming self-titled debut album. The album was mastered by Grammy award winner Adam Ayan (Nirvana, Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters). After two top ten singles on commercial radio in Calgary, features on National radio (CBC) and continual praise in print, the band took their energetic live show on the road. In March they completed a national tour including a headlining slot at the Canadian Music Week Festival in Toronto, and in September 2009, they will head out on a follow up tour of Canada and the US in support of their debut release, which is now available on iTunes!”


Joining them will be Secret Broadcast.
Enjoy a video.

And yes, the fourth act…which will be starting nice and early (9pm) is Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.
A video for you to get a sense of him.
Go to his myspace to find more video.

TICKETS ARE $7 advanced or $10 at the door!
GET AHEAD OF SCHEDULE and buy your tickets to a killer show!
Frank and Tom are BOTH working this night.
It must be good.

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