Dan Mangan (Vancouver) w/ Will Currie and The Country French (Toronto) and Field Assembly (Windsor) Friday, October 9th

Dan Mangan is on his way. This is a big deal, for those who don’t know. Look him up in musical circles and you find out that he’s become a hit across the country. His Twitter account is rife with congratulations on achievements, interviews, awards, video links, and the news that he was named XM Satellite Radio’s VERGE Artist of the Year! Do you need another reason?


Will Currie and The Country French will be accompanying Mangan on this tour, which is almost talent overkill. This band came here months ago, and absolutely mesmerized those in the room. They have been a band of high caliber for as long as I can remember, so when they got to Phog, I KNEW we were in for a treat, but it seemed to be more of a surprise to those in the crowd.
The songwriting, the musicianship, all of it, slick. And such great people. Being chummy with them was automatic, and I told them to hurry-up and get back here. Here they are.

The local act on this bill is the supreme match to Mr. Mangan and Mr. Currie-French. Field Assembly is slated to make a very strong argument for Windsor talent in its relation to the rest of the country. I believe the biggest mistake made on this show’s evening will be people who try to come out later to catch one of the out-of-town bands. Field Assembly’s album, released this year, is easily one of the best of all I’ve listened to, with one song in particular (Light Speed) being my favourite song all year.

This is simply the strongest folk/roots line-up I’ve ever had at Phog Lounge.
I said it.
Be smart, and save $3 per ticket by getting them in advance.
Advanced Tickets = $7
Tickets at Door – $10

And they’re ALL ON TWITTER!

Follow them.

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1 Response to Dan Mangan (Vancouver) w/ Will Currie and The Country French (Toronto) and Field Assembly (Windsor) Friday, October 9th

  1. Celes says:

    Please say hello to Dan and bassist Michael-Owen Liston playing with Dan Mangan on his cross country tour. Tell Dan that we will be waiting to see him in Winnipeg next week at the LoPub. May the Phog and Dan have a great evening together. We love Dan's songwriting, his voice and his gentle human-ness. I learned about The Phog from Todd Lucier, who is my co-facilitator at The Edge, a tourism training workshop taking place in western Newfoundland right now.See photos of Gros Morne National Park:http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=153384&id=684152175Congratulations on your CBC radio 3 award for best live music venue in Canada.

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