SAID THE WHALE!!! Playing Phog Tuesday, October 13th with Hannah Georgas (Vancouver)

Said The Whale (Vancouver) and Hannah Georgas (Vancouver) are gracing our stage this Tuesday at 9pm.

We are BEYOND lucky to have these folks coming in again, so soon from their last show. Usually we have to wait a year to see them again. And they are returning off of the STELLAR NATIONAL performance they displayed on CBC Television on Canada Day WEARING A PHOG LOUNGE T-SHIRT!!!! Don’t recall this? Check the link.

It’s a weekday show, so we’re beginning earlier than weekend shows. SO you’ll be able to see Said The Whale and still make it home in time to get rested for the next day’s work or school.

For those who are unaware, Said The Whale is bringing along some new beauties. New CDs. Yes, this is a CD Release Party, decked out with celebratory bits and pieces, including cake, party hats, and more.
This will not be your average CD Release Party, as Said The Whale finds a way to do things in grand style.

I cannot fully express my excitment for this show, and I can guarantee an incredible outpouring of talent to all of you wise enough to come and partake. They have consistently inspired and rocked our building during every visit, and Tuesday will be even more special with the new record poised for emergence and success.

 Hannah Georgas will be opening the show. Anyone with a decent memory will remember her from the performance on Parliament Hill on Canada Day that was broadcast nationwide on CBC TV.
Go to her myspace and listen!
And if you’ve made it this far…and you have anything remotely Rastafari, or Bob Marley, or anything in the realm of that musical taste, bring it out that night so I can play it, as it is quite a favourite thing for Ben, one of the vocalists of Said The Whale.
Looking forward to seeing a full house for an early Tuesday night show!
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  1. CJAMmd says:

    Something Marley-related, you say? Earlier this year, K'naan and J. Period released a free online mix series where K'naan sings/raps over music by Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, and Bob Dylan. It's available at

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