Have a new CD coming out?

If you are releasing new music, you need to take this contact info down:

Dylan Kristy – dkristy@thestar.canwest.com

He’s the new CD reviewer for The Windsor Star Scene page.
This is the guy you need to contact, and get music to, in order to have your CD coevered in the pages of Windsor’s daily newspaper. It doesn’t matter if you’re releasing digital download cards, vinyl, CD, or anything else. He’s the guy to contact about getting some press about it.

Thought you’d appreciate the head’s up, as it can be intimidating to cold-call the newspaper trying to find out who reviews CDs.

Simple information. Just wanted to deliver it to you as per my conversation with Dalson Chen recently.

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2 Responses to Have a new CD coming out?

  1. CJAMmd says:

    It is equally important that local artists send their music to the local campus and/or commercial radio stations. On-air plays and national chart recognition can both be gained. Contact the respective Music Director or check out the station website. For example, CJAM has detailed submission guidelines for this purpose available via http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/music/

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