Promotional Head’s Up, Please

When a band books a gig at Phog, I supply a litany of information.
A list of things that happen, or are expected to happen before, during, and after a show.

We discuss money, posters, and promotion.

This third thing, promotion, is something I find myself having to ask bands for information about. Actually, to be more clear, I find myself stumbling onto Twitter posts from bands declaring their upcoming shows at Phog. Then, and only then, am I made aware that they even HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT.

Some of you are rolling you reyes.

For me, this is key to show promotion.
If I don’t know that you have a band/musician Twitter account, blog, Facebook Fan Page, or FLAVORS.ME page, it hinders the promotional opportunities. People can’t follow your progress on tour, photos from your other shows, video blog posts, tour video diaries, promotional giveaways, ANYTHING unless they ALREADY follow you (good luck) or if the promoter (me) can help let people know that you exist in these realms.

This week, I found a post from The Matavaras. A band from Halifax playing Phog on Saturday December 19th. Found. I didn’t know they had a Twitter account. It’s @thematavaras by the way. If I knew earlier, I could list it in the Facebook event listing, the blog, the calendar, etc. Since this example is leading me to making a list…I will begin doing so for you, the music fans of Windsor who ALSO embrace the tech connection.

Musicians, at the very least, I can help funnel people to your stuff if they are already interested in following or knowing more about your band, progress, and tour.

Please tell me, bands, if you are coming here, OR NOT, that you exist in these places so that I can help fans know more about your promotional efforts. This way, when you HAVE Windsor music fans following you, YOU can ask THEM great places to eat, buy guitar strings, rent a hotel room, or to find a floor of a fan to sleep on. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to enact these suggestions in the cities you travel to frequently, as the only people who stand to benefit from this is you, your fans, and the venues you’re playing.

Any thoughts?
Can anyone tell me ANY Canadian bands, Windsor or otherwise, that are currently using Twitter?
I will collect them for a little while, and then post them subsequently.
Thanks in advance!

EDIT – We have been gifted the answer…the list…by Brenda Lee (@kn0ttyn3rb), an awesome Canadian Music fan from Vancouver. She replied within minutes of this post with this unbelievable link to NONE OTHER than North By East West – the Canadian Music Blog SUPREME!
Thanks Brenda, and thanks
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2 Responses to Promotional Head’s Up, Please

  1. Brenda Lee says:

    Hey Tom,This should get you on your way…!Brenda (@kn0ttyn3rb)

  2. Phog Blog says:

    Brenda…you are the queen.Quest over.

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