Construction and Destruction (Halifax) play Phog on Tuesday December 22nd with The Last Trio

Construction and Destruction is a band, that when they were first recommended to me by Dr. Disc owner Liam O’Donnell, I knew was going to be great.

They play a certain kind of east coast music that reminds me of certain parts of other bands from out that way: Museum Pieces and Eric’s Trip to name two.
The sound at the live show is notably scarce. A two-piece usually. But it’s the kind of stuff I’ve come to enjoy…quite a bit.

Because of Liam’s friendship with this musical couple, I’ve asked The Last Trio (Alan Penner, Liam O’Donnell +1) to play this show. Which is code for, the best vibe in all of Windsor will be happening in Phog Lounge on December 22nd.

To learn more about The Last Trio, see this quick interview I did with them:

Come out. It will be fantastic and friendly.

I did this interview with them recently. It’ll give you some sense of what kind of awesome they bring to a room. I think it’s absolutley ideal for the winter months.

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