Nightwood (Montreal) w/ Modernboys Moderngirls & Michou – January 15, 2010

January 15th, a Friday, Michou will play local host to Nightwood (Montreal) and Modernboys Moderngirls (Toronto).
The returning Modernboys Moderngirls is an energetic, dance-inducing band that we’re thrilled to have back. Nightwood is the newcomer we are keen to break-in on the Phog stage.

Nightwood (Amber Goodwyn, Jeremy MacCuish, Erin Ross) is a  heavy, dark but totally fun rock trio from Montreal.  They have been touring Quebec and Ontario following their Pop Montreal album release (their debut full-length Carta Marina) and are planning a national tour this coming spring. Fiercely D.I.Y., Nightwood have been knee-deep in many aspects of the band; filming their music videos, silkscreening band t-shirts and posters and managing an art and style blog on their website. The members of the band are similarly eclectic in their lives outside of Nightwood: Amber is part of the experimental film collective Double Negative and publishes Lickety Split smut zine and Jeremy also plays in the bands Parlovr and Cotton Mouth.

Modernboys Moderngirls (Akira Alemany, Brett Millius, Juan Carlos Rivas) songs and shows combine punk and soul music.  The band released their highly praised debut album I Might As Well Break It  this past September with distribution from Fontana North.  The band has built upon rave reviews for their live performances at showcase in the past year at Edgefest, NXNE, Halifax Pop Explosion, as well as their debut shows in NYC.  Modernboys Moderngirls will be recording several new singles as well as producing their first music video this winter.


“Their DIY ethic draws similarities in my opinion to the North-Western Olympia, WA, K Records scene, drawing influences from punk and playing pop music with an edge.” – For the Records

“(Nightwood’s) Carta Marina is yet another reminder of all that Montreal’s independent music scene has to offer… It shows remarkable maturity to craft an album which flows together so well and demands such attention from the listener. Nightwood have established themselves as a band worth watching.” – In Your Speakers
“Nightwood: Montreal’s own take on the lovely lady-smacked scene of dark, moody rock.” – Nightlife Magazine


“With the kind of spirit that could make a ship full of seasick sailors feel well enough to rock out to the point of sickness all over again, MBMG have reached their goal” –-Exclaim Magazine
“Modernboys Moderngirls are doing their part to crank up the amps and put the brashness back in rock ‘n roll. The band’s debut record – I Might As Well Break It. – is ten songs that really play like a gig at a dark and dingy club. It leaves you sweat soaked, bruised and battered and remembering.” —, Halifax
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