A week to contend with at Phog – January 18th – January 23rd

First of all, Monday night’s Open Mic Surgery with Tara Watts begins at 9pm.
This is the second week in, when the evening begins early, and will continue to do so…so for those who may have been interested in participating in the past, but couldn’t due to time restraints, I hope you reconsider now that the schedule has been shifted to accommodate as many as possible.

Tuesday the 19th is FAMiversary with tons of local acts playing AFTER the monthly Raw Shock Film Festival. You see, this monthly film-screening event is meant to encourage local film makers, video magicians, etc. to bring out their creations to share with other people enjoying the same profession/hobby. And since FAM has a significant film emphasis (the “F” in FAM), they are going to partner in the early part of this night to show films and shorts before the music begins.

And oh dear…
One of Canada’s most beloved performers, whose reputation arrives FAR before he ever does, Odario G. Williams is bringing his incredible act to Windsor.

Wednesday the 20th is a day I’ve been waiting for…never really expecting it to come to fruition.
Grand Analog (Winnipeg) will be playing an ALL AGES show with local ska/rock band Brass Knuckles. Holy shit. Go ahead and say it. Holy shit. This show begins at 9pm sharp, and it will be one of the best feel-good events we’ll ever host. Honestly, get to this show. $5

It’ll be great to finally get Brass Knuckles in the building, and it’ll be a chance for the dancing, grooving crowd to come and have a great time…and hopefully woo Grand Analog back another time in the future.


If that wasn’t enough, someone with a lot of hype is coming the next night and he’s sharing the stage with a local staple in musical performance – David Dubois! Thursday the 21st, we host Leif Vollebekk (Montreal) who was described this week on CBC Radio’s Bandwidth (during an interview/live session with him!) as a combination of Bob Dylan and Patrick Watson. Incredibly, they hit the nail right on the head with this one.

Our Ottawa-connect to all things indie music, Ming Wu, just went to a live house-show with Leif headlining. He takes photos…awesome photos. Check this link to read his take on the show, and to see his photos of this intimate show.
 It’s an ALL AGES joint, so if you love his music, don’t fret about your age…just come enjoy this guy!

And Friday the 22nd sees the return of our good friend Alun Piggins (Toronto) who will be dredging up hilarity and amazing rock-artistry with local band, The Heels. Show begins at 10pm, and is only for those over 19 years of age…sorry!

Last but not least...Saturday the 23rd will find a slightly older Lonesome Lefty sharing the gig with Vera Colley of the rockabilly dance twangsters, Whoa Nellie! (Toronto). 19+ please. And bring your dancin‘ cowboy boots, not the regular ones.

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