One of the most debilitating setbacks facing any community is a lack of connections.
Connecting with like-minded folks is key to expanding your scope outside of your own.

This has been a priority for Phog, and for me personally, with regards to Windsor, and NOW with Detroit.
We wonder how we don’t have a pile of Detroit residents, or music fans, or MUSICIANS coming to STUNNING shows in Windsor. I have a guess.

I ask you…how many true FRIENDS do you know that live in Detroit?
Unless you are a major exception to the rule, the numeric answer can fit on one hand.
This is a major contributor to the lack of cross-border cultural traffic (among other complications).

Sure we go see live shows at certain places, but we rarely go WITH Detroit friends. And, the acts we see are huge national acts touring THROUGH Detroit. I think it’s imperative that we start connecting in a big way with Detroiters we share a kinship with…a love of music and culture with…an river with…a passion for strong art with…

And this process has more than begun to spring up.
Recently, the general manager of the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac came over for a visit.
For a place with a “ph” where an “f” should be in the name, it was an omen when I learned that the general manager’s name was PHREDDY!

The point is, Phreddy and Dan (another key figure in The Crofoot) made a REAL EFFORT to connect with myself and other music supporters in Windsor earlier this month.
They were brethren, to the truest sense, and it felt neglectful on my part for not having found these guys sooner. Class acts. And fun, excited individuals who want to see Windsorites in Pontiac, and Detroit…and who also want to see Detroiters at Windsor shows!

It was a true pleasure to meet these two.

I think they realize that when a band like You Say Party, We Say Die! plays Phog, and then plays their building in the following month…we might have a lot in common.

With that minor teaser of what’s to come, here is an e-mail I got from Phreddy tonight, inviting Canadians to a great show at The Crofoot for FREE. Yes. Show your passport and get in free!

A brilliant start. Read below for event information.

“Hello Neighbors!

My name is Phreddy and I am the General Manager of the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, MI.  This Saturday Feb. 13, 2010 we are hosting an event to celebrate women’s contributions to art and culture.  To encourage more creative cross-pollination between the left and right sides of the river, we would like to make the event free for all Canadians.  Anyone that shows a Canadian passport /drivers’ license at the door will not have to pay admission.

The night will feature 18 female-led musical acts, over 20 female visual artists, 2 fashion shows, and 4 comediennes plus dozens of crafters and non-profits.  It should be tons of fun and creative networking opportunities will abound. 

Hopefully we can keep doing more events that welcome Canadians warmly to the states and vice versa.  Please keep me in the loop and let us know what we can do for you.

Thanks a million,

You going?
I’m working.

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  1. Sounds amazing. I really must get my passport renewed!

  2. Jon Corbin says:

    Yep. I'm going. But, it's only a 20 minute drive for me. I'll give you a report after.

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