Comics and Poetry

This Tuesday and Wednesday Phog revisits some new monthly events that’ve been VERY successful.

To begin with, Michael Poirier’s (CircleBox) Comic Book Syndicate that runs on Cogeco cable is now being filmed at Phog Lounge! They recorded their first Phog episode a month ago, and it was such a natural fit, one wonders what took so long to get them onto the Phog stage. For those of you who enjoy reading comics, you had better already know about this fun, humourous, and well-informed show.

Having them at Phog is a treat, and we count ourselves lucky for hosting them. For those of you looking to pop in for a poutine, there is NO COVER to come in (as some have wondered). Just come in, grab a seat close to the action if you like comics, or move to the back and gorf on some poutine if you’re impartial. Either way, it’s great to see some creative doers in our space, making a cool TV show. The show records TONIGHT (Tuesday, April 6th) from 7pm until 9pm.

As for Wednesday, Juice Open Mic Poetry has EXPLODED back onto the scene with originator, Tamara Kowalska. Here’s a link tot he Facebook group, which you should join so that you can know about ALL upcoming poetry events around Windsor.

Both Juice nights, since it’s reinception, have been completely packed! A hugely supported re-emergence of written and spoken word is all thanks to Tamara’s commitment to rebuilding the once-flourishing event.

The readers are fantastic, and the crowd is respectfully attentive. If you have anything to share with the Windsor (and often smatterings of Detroit – yes you GetChristieLove) come down and READ! Or at least come and meet some of your contemporaries (I cast my glare directly at all creative writing students at the University of Windsor who need to GET OUT TO THIS!).

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1 Response to Comics and Poetry

  1. kate says:

    I've been telling the writing students at the U to come! I think some will be there tomorrow. I am excited for another fun Juice night 🙂

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